The Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter and Pay Parity Act

H.R. 5631, also known as the Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Classification and Pay Parity Act or Tim’s Act, is a bill that seeks to address the pay and benefits of federal wildland firefighters. The bill aims to provide these firefighters with fair compensation, hazard pay, and other benefits that are essential to their work.

One of the key components of this bill is the establishment of one or more classification series for federal wildland firefighter positions. This will help ensure that these positions are properly recognized and classified and that they receive the appropriate pay and benefits.

The bill also establishes a pay scale for these positions, which includes annual adjustments to keep up with inflation and other factors. In addition, it provides for hazardous duty pay, which is essential given the dangerous nature of this work.

Another important aspect of the bill is its focus on recruitment and retention bonuses, as well as housing allowances. These incentives can help attract and retain skilled firefighters, which is essential to ensuring that our communities are protected from wildfires and other natural disasters.

USDA and Interior will also establish a voluntary tuition assistance program to support the education of wildland firefighters, as well as a Federal Wildland Firefighter Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Database to monitor and address health issues related to this work. Finally, they will carry out a program for mental health awareness and support, recognizing the toll that this work can take on firefighters.

Overall, H.R. 5631 is an important piece of legislation that recognizes the vital role that wildland firefighters play in protecting our communities and natural resources. By providing these firefighters with fair compensation, benefits, and support, we can help ensure that they can continue to do their important work for years to come.

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