Introducing the New Website of Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center: Enhanced Incident Review Database and More

The Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) has recently launched its new website (lessons.wildfire.gov), bringing valuable improvements to the wildland fire community. Established in 2002 as a federally funded organization with interagency staffing, the LLC serves as a knowledge resource center for firefighters facing the complexities and risks of the wildland fire environment.

Over the years, the LLC has been instrumental in providing essential products and services for training, learning, and research on wildland firefighting. By sharing real-life lessons learned from success stories, challenges, close calls, and firefighter fatalities, the LLC aims to enhance safety in the field.

In April 2023, the LLC announced its plans to revamp their entire website, and phase one of the new site was successfully launched in July 2023. Notably, the domain of the legacy site, wildfirelessons.net, has been updated to lessons.wildfire.gov. The LLC staff is actively working on further improving and expanding the website’s components and functionality, including the migration of data from the previous site in the coming months.

The newly launched website, lessons.wildfire.gov, offers access to the LLC’s existing products, along with exciting enhancements and new publications. Here are some highlights:

  1. Annual Incident Review Summaries: These condensed excerpts capture valuable wildland fire lessons, providing actionable follow-up exercises for training and discussions among firefighters.
  2. Two More Chains Newsletter: Published quarterly, this newsletter delves into lessons learned, with the Spring 2023 edition dedicated to insights from the Yarnell Hill fire on its 10-year anniversary.
  3. Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center Blog: Stay updated with the latest articles, insights, and news from the LLC through their official blog.
  4. Incident Review Database: A comprehensive searchable database of lessons gathered from wildland firefighters. The newly improved database offers enhanced search capabilities, allowing users to find specific information by incident name, type, location, key term, or date.
  5. Data Points Publication: Launched earlier this year, this publication focuses on clusters of similar events, known as “recurring lessons,” and provides actionable recommendations for fire leaders at all levels.

To stay connected with the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, make sure to update your bookmarks to the new URL: lessons.wildfire.gov. By signing up for email updates, you can receive notifications whenever new content is posted on the website. Additionally, you can follow the LLC on Facebook and YouTube for further engagement and insights.

(Source: LLC)

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