CALFIRE Hired Equipment Overview

•The Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement (EERA) is a pre-incident agreement that becomes binding only upon dispatch to an emergency incident and is valid only when all required documentation and signatures are on file with CAL FIRE.

• Equipment limitations for the EERA include: Only one Supplier may control any one piece of equipment.No equipment may appear under more than one agreement. CAL FIRE is under no obligation to include equipment on an EERA; as such, only equipment that is in satisfactory condition will be accepted.

• The rates defined by CALFIRE shall be applied to all EERAs; CAL FIRE shall not enter into an agreement with Suppliers who refuse these rates. In the absence of a standardized rate for a specific type of equipment, a rate may be negotiated between the Department representative and the Supplier.

• Completing the EERA establishes mutual agreement that upon CAL FIRE request, if the Supplier is willing and available, they shall furnish the listed equipment in accordance with terms including conditions, rates, and method of payment described therein.

• The Agreement Period for an EERA is three years long with open enrollment periods in each year where changes or amendments can be made to agreements – typically November-March.

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